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Rolex engraves a unique, 5 to 8 digit serial number to every watch it makes that helps determine the approximate date, or year of production for that particular watch.These sets of numbers, for example 28000 for the year 1926 or Z000001 for year 2006, are inscribed by machine on the side of the watch case between the lugs at 6 o’clock.[NOTE: I HAVE SOLD THIS EBOOK I WROTE FOR .95 FOR YEARS.EVEN THOUGH IT IS NOT TEA RELATED (MY MAIN BUSINESS), IT IS HELPFUL FOR EBAYERS, SO I AM NOW GIVING IT FOR FREE ON EBAY TO HELP PEOPLE AVOID GETTING SCAMMED.This chart is compiled from various sources on the web and there are some variances on the early years (1925 - 1943).

Die Seriennummer ist nun 8-stellig und nicht wie bisher 7-stellig.] If you know of any other helpful tips on how to tell a fake please let me know and I will update this e Bay guide.Rolex makes great watches and unfortunately there are many fakes flooding e Bay and other places. Such fakes range from Japanese quartz movement pieces to flimsy dials and bezels.The case serial number does not indicate when the watch movement was produced which increases the possibility that the movement is older than the watch case.Nonetheless, the case number is a generally accepted method to roughly determine the age of a Rolex watch.

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