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The UN's child protection agency in Bangladesh said it "remains concerned" about the special provision, and its potential impact on children's wellbeing.READ ALSO: Child marriage law with spl provision passed at JS "Marrying as a child has a lifelong impact on a person's wellbeing.Beigbeder described the broader legislation, with its objective of preventing child marriage and providing sanction and remedies when cases did occur, as "a positive step forward".READ MORE: Prevent misuse of new child marriage act Child marriages have dropped from two-thirds of the total to around half between 20, Unicef figures show.I have friends who are married to both Bangladeshi and U. Love is a very broad subject to define it in just few words. Nice people comes from all background but family and education is important.I know some people who are happily married to local girls. Some Bangladeshi girls are too complicated and this is turning people away to the wrong direction. Bangladeshi couples hide things from each other but if someone is married to a local girl they don't have to hide anything.otar hat thekay bachtay holay gorib er maya bia koro na polash..borolok shoshur er familykay help korar proshnoi uthay na....the way bangladeshi girls r caring and loving....u will never get that from bideshi girl..bideshi wife is like room mate People, I am just discussing something, I am not talking about my life here.

Then she started performing in different TV commercials as a model and started acting in television Dramas. Ahona Career Ahona started her media career when she was 15 years old.

I love Bangladesh and want to see its culture survives even in America.

bangladeshi boura tokhoni complicated hoi..jokhon...jamai ador koray boukay mathai uthia felay...bou mathai uthay shay r namay na...husband kay kan dhoray uth bosh korai....nutun bou kono bhabai shahosh pai na shob kichi control korar.shutorang hunband thik thaklay bou o thik thakbay..r chelayderkay jantay hobay kibhabay bou chalatay hoi...thekay 100% bhalobasha uchit boukay ...kintu ...husband jay bou pagol ta bujhtay dea uchit na.bindu durotto rakha bou er hatay mar na khai..r nijer shomman o bachia rakhtay husband .er kachay jemon friend temni ovhibaboko..................................

"Marrying as a child has a lifelong impact on a person's wellbeing," says Unicef's representative in Bangladesh Edouard Beigbeder.

This dated legislation was largely ignored in poorer districts, where girls are married off in their early teenage years.

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