Girls dating inferior men

While he eventually got the girl, reality can be more painful, say experts at the University of Valencia in Spain.‘Exposure to physical or psychological stresses for a long period of time may cause chronically elevated cortisol levels.'That can have adverse effects on health as it worsens various disorders, such as myopathy, adult-onset diabetes, hypertension and impotency,’ said the research team.

So, if a nervous, self-doubting short guy approaches a woman, she will be turned off by his lack of confidence.

It’s not always about the guy being rich (99% of the population isn’t rich).

In most cases, these guys are getting through to women on a much more fundamental level and that is where you need to place your focus.

On the other hand, if a confident, self-assured short guy approached her, she would be attracted to his confidence and then, if she’s one of the women who have an Open Type, she will be open to being with him.

Watch this video to understand why a woman’s attraction works that way and how you can use it to your advantage as a short guy…

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